• Fix a bug whereby an added node could be dispatched down the mutations$ stream twice if the parent node and child container node were appended to the DOM separately.


  • Add additional modules to the main brookjs export
  • Add keyAttribute helper function
  • Update preplug to take key as well
    • Deprecate the inclusion of action.key
    • preplug should attach whatever data is needed to the Action from the child$ stream
  • Add a TON of documentation
    • Some minor style changes
    • Walkthrough of the various aspects of a Component


  • Fix bug in children factory normalization
  • Improve children unsubscription logic


  • Fix bug in rendering (again)
  • Update modifyChildProps to pass the child’s key
    • This supersedes the use of key in the children configuration.
    • key is now deprecated. Will be removed in a future release.
  • Add changelog to the brookjs documentation site


  • Add missing exports to entry point. Fixes #16.
  • Fix rendering bug when dealing with rendering children.


  • Remove use of Array.from (#15)
    • Eliminates an unneeded dependency
  • Add support to combineActionReducers for a default state (#14)


Initial release.