Implementing Side Effects with Custom Delta

To handle custom side effects, create a custom delta. To do so, create a function that takes an options object and returns a function that takes a stream of actions$ and state$. The returned function should return its own stream of actions$ that will be piped into the store.

Similar to redux-observable, the actions$ stream has been enhanced with the ofType method, which filters the stream to only emit actions of the provided types. Multiple types can be provided.

import Kefir from 'kefir';
import { SUBMIT_FORM, formSubmitSuccess, formSubmitFail } from './actions';

export default function ajaxDelta({ ajax }) {
    return (actions$, state$) => actions$.ofType(SUBMIT_FORM)
        .flatMap(action =>'/api', action.payload))
        .flatMapErrors(err => Kefir.constant(formSubmitFail(err)))

Providing the ajax service through the ajaxDelta options object keeps the delta pure, making it easier to test that the delta functions as expected without having to mock the XMLHttpRequest object itself. The ajax service itself can then be isolated and tested against the mock object, reducing the amount of work done by each set of unit tests.